Singapore – A congestion hot-spot

We’re conscious of our recent blog posts being negative. However, it is important you are up to date on the current shipping environment.

Singapore is becoming heavily congested as vessels are encountering increasing delays upon arrival causing back logs.

Current shipping data is showing up to 450,000 TEU (20’ equivalent unit) containers are in queue at any particular point in time waiting to be worked (either to be discharged or loaded). Expressed another way – last Thursday there were 64 ships at port with another 24 at anchor.

Vessels are now having to wait up to 7-days for a berth – a sharp contrast to “normal” at just half a day’s wait.

The backlog is forcing shipping companies to push every available vessel into service as well extend individual vessel charter contracts.

Another unwelcome consequence of the Singapore congestion is vessel bunching. This will have flow on effects to ports downstream (read: late arrivals to New Zealand as well NZ ports struggling to efficiently work vessels in a timely manner).

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