Schedule reliability improves each month

Global shipping schedule reliability has continued to improve month by month. The latest improvement of 2.7 percentage points being in May 2023.

With this increase, schedule reliability is now up to 66.8%. Compared to the same point in 2022, schedule reliability is up 30.3 percentage points.

Globally Maersk was the most reliable top 14 carrier with a schedule reliability of 73.5% followed by Wan Hai (do not serve NZ) at 70.9% and in third place MSC at 70.04%.

There were 7 carriers with schedule reliability of 50% – 60%.

Unlike previous months, the difference between the most and least reliable carrier increased substantially. The least reliable carrier – HMM (do not serve NZ) in May 2023 achieved only 52.6%. 

13 of the top 14 carriers recorded a month on month improvement  with HMM recording the only decline of -2.5%.

Year on year all 14 carriers recorded double-digit improvements in schedule reliability.