Auckland container yards at capacity

Please take note Auckland dehire container yards are proving to be a trouble spot yet again as Auckland container yards at capacity.

We have been advised by various Auckland based FCL container truckers they are experiencing delay in receiving booking slots to return the empty containers. This is indicative the actual container yards themselves are nearing capacity / congested. 

An example of what we are seeing is Metrobox in Onehunga, Auckland are not accepting empty container returns until Friday 28th October!

How and why does this impact me you might ask?

Typically (certainly thru COVID) the ship lines continue to charge daily container detention fees even though it is their yard refusing to accept the empty container. I completely understand how this is not commercially acceptable behaviour – but this is what has been going on.

We encourage all customers to process their containers as swiftly as possible and notify us as soon as possible allowing the maximum amount of time for dehire within the free time. 

This is important as the 48hr time limit for dehire is pushing out to 72hrs.

We hope you can appreciate this circumstance is completely out of our control. Stellar will of course be doing everything possible in order to negate or reduce additional costs incurred.