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First mile delivery and logistics refers to the first phase of a supply chain, covering the transportation of goods from a point of origin, typically a manufacturer or supplier, to the first distribution centre on a given journey. In the dynamic world of shipping and logistics, the first mile is a crucial starting point for any shipment. As a seasoned player in the first mile shipping industry, we’ve developed a tried and true method to deliver incredible results. We achieve this by blending large-scale efficiency with personalised service to propel your business forward. With over 22 years of hands-on experience, we take pride in being the trusted logistics partner for numerous industry leaders who have been on this journey with us since our inception back in April 2002.

Reach out now to our dedicated quotations team, and we’ll be happy to discuss your unique first mile delivery requirements. We’re always committed to offering tailored solutions that redefine your logistics experience—that’s the Stellar difference.

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Comprehensive First Mile Logistics Solutions

If you need a first-mile delivery service to help you manage the intricacies of beginning the shipping process, Stellar International is your answer. We create comprehensive solutions that are crafted to be able to handle the distinctive challenges that the logistics landscape presents.

Inventory Precision

Refine your inventory strategy with our data-driven logistics, ensuring your products are always packaged and shipped correctly.

Order Fulfilment

Our expertise extends across the spectrum of first mile delivery services, from precise picking and packing to temperature controlled storage, and quick and easy shipping.

Excellence in Distribution

With decades of proven experience, Stellar’s first mile distribution services have been the cornerstone of many businesses across a range of sectors.

Customs Compliance

Navigating customs regulations can be a challenge. We simplifiy the customs clearance process by offering advice, ensuring your cargo meets compliance standards.

Supply Chain Disruptions

Stellar International’s robust risk mitigation strategies act as a way for you to prepare against unforeseen events, helping you navigate challenges that may come up.

Exception Management

Receive immediate alerts from our robust exception management system, ensuring swift responses to any unforeseen issues.

Global Reach

Harness the power of our expansive global network allowing us to connect your first mile delivery with any major market in the world.

Customer-Centric Support

Enjoy responsive and personalised customer support, delivered when you need it most.

Inventory Transparency

Keep a close eye on your cargo with our cutting-edge track and trace system, providing real-time visibility and robust data analytics.

How Stellar International Meets Your First Mile Logistics Needs

If you’re looking for first mile e-commerce logistics, or first mile shipping for moving stock, we can help. We’re seasoned experts across the board when it comes to first mile logistics, so no matter what your needs are or your industry is, we’re perfectly positioned to be your long-term shipping partner.

Why Choose Stellar for First Mile Logistics?

Empower your business, and choose Stellar International as a dedicated first mile logistics provider. Our services are backed by a range of competitive benefits.

The Stellar International Difference

Experience the Stellar difference today, and talk to us about how we can help you with our turnkey first mile shipping services. When you partner with us for first mile logistics, we don’t just deliver a one-off solution: We strive to be a long-term shipping partner that will help you reach your full potential.

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Customer comments

In my experience, these guys are the best logistics’ provider I have dealt with and I have 30+ years in the business. Personable. Knowledgeable. Responsive to an unbelievable degree. Very very cost effective. From a personal as well as a business perspective, what can be better than no stress logistics’.

Mike Davies – Operations Manager

Great little team, work well together and deliver as a unit. Stellar is the best partner we could have found, we feel important that they care about our business.

Peter Rickerby – NZ General Manager
Gunnerson Ltd

At Stellar they have the service/price balance perfect. Excellent follow up on orders and a very good internet tracking system.

Warren Wills – CEO

Good communication, they genuinely try and do the right thing and improve everything they do. They get things done when you need them and are easy to deal with.

Craig Hyland