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Stellar International is a trusted logistics provider based in the vibrant landscape of New Zealand. More than just a logistics company—we aim to be a strategic partner to you and your business, dedicated to ensuring you can fully unlock your ambitions.

Stellar International’s global logistics network is here to connect you to the world. As a mid-sized transport and logistics company, we have global reach to ensure your cargo reaches its destination securely and punctually, and we can offer you a boutique service that works to fully integrate with and understand your business. 

We didn’t become one of the leading NZ logistics companies overnight—we’ve built our platform over decades of hard work. We’re your passport to new international markets, providing you with a competitive edge in your industry.

Our Logistics Solutions

At Stellar, we believe any logistics service should be simple, exciting and efficient. As your logistics partner, we’ll seamlessly integrate into your operations to offer tailored solutions that go above and beyond. Our commitment to reliability, cost-effectiveness, and innovative logistic solutions has made us the preferred choice for a wide range of long-standing clients. 

Reach out to us now with your details, or read more about our logistics solutions below.

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Our Logistic Services

Import/Export Logistics

When it comes to our Import/Export Logistics services, we’re not just about moving goods–we’re here to be your trusted companions in navigating international trade. Partner with us to experience hassle-free customs and a commitment to compliance that sets Stellar apart as the go-to partner.

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3PL Distribution

Stellar’s 3PL Distribution services are designed to be the heartbeat of your supply chain. From order processing to final delivery, we’re able to take care of every step of your cargo’s journey, so that every milestone is as efficient as possible. Talk to us today about what our 3PL Distribution could do for your company.

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Retail Logistics

Every package matters in retail, and we know how important shipping logistics can be as part of a retail experience for your customers. From inventory management to the final delivery curtain call, we can be your secret weapon, giving you an edge in your industry, and ensuring your brand shines brightest in the retail spotlight.

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3PL Fulfilment

3PL Fulfilment with Stellar International is all about delivering peace of mind across the board–picking, packing, storing and shipping. We aim to be the best logistics partner for taking care of all your order fulfilment with precision and a personalised service. We’re here to help you make your customers happy, one package at a time.

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First Mile Delivery & Logistics

Begin your logistics journey with Stellar’s First Mile Delivery & Logistics–where the first step is as important as the destination. We know how important a strong start is for setting the tone on your journey. Get off on the right foot with our logistics solutions–always reliable, efficient and affordable.

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Last Mile Delivery & Logistics

Last Mile Delivery & Logistics at Stellar is the perfect way to stick the landing. By offering precision, personalisation and a commitment to timely deliveries, we take the stress out of the final stretch. Let us handle getting your cargo to its destination, so you can focus on what you need to.

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How Stellar meets your business needs

We use the latest global technology platforms to keep you up to date on where your cargo is at all times. We can offer this information via a variety of channels:

  • On-line portal (24/7)
  • Personalised and automated email reports
  • Exception management alerts
  • Online tracking app (located on our website)

Stellar International holds well-established relationships with carefully selected partners around the globe. Together we offer a range of services and capabilities you can rely on.

A Long-Term Logistics Partner

Our logistics solutions are perfect for long term partnerships, giving you more time to focus on expanding your business.

Improved Efficiency

We’re able to offer you support across the whole of your supply chain, finding savings for you every step of the way.

Innovation & Tracking and InterStellar provide you with real-time tracking and custom reports to give you that piece of mind.

Why Choose Stellar International for Logistics?

In a world where logistics is about so much more than just transportation, Stellar International stands out as your reliable, efficient, and innovative logistics partner. Here’s why you should choose us:

The Stellar International Difference

Experience the Stellar difference today. Contact us and embark on a journey of seamless, efficient, and cost-effective logistics solutions tailored just for you.

We take pride in the work we do, delivering more than just well constructed logistics solutions. We go above and beyond in our efforts to be the best long term shipping partner we can be. Thanks to our extensive experience in the industry and our long list of close contacts, we’ve got everything you need to take your business to the next level.

By partnering with us, you’ll have access to all the high-end tools and capabilities of a large shipping company, along with the care and attention of a smaller business. Your cargo’s journey is our commitment. Choose Stellar International—Your Trusted Logistics Partner.

Frequently asked questions

What is the importance of tracking inventory?

Inventory tracking is crucial for businesses to manage their stock levels, prevent stockouts, and streamline their operations. Stellar International employs cutting-edge logistics software to provide real-time inventory tracking.

What logistics software does Stellar International use?

We leverage advanced logistics software to ensure efficiency and accuracy in all our operations. Our online platform, InterStellar, allows you to access our data insights whenever you like, with real-time tracking, and customisable milestone alerts.

Customer comments

In my experience, these guys are the best logistics’ provider I have dealt with and I have 30+ years in the business. Personable. Knowledgeable. Responsive to an unbelievable degree. Very very cost effective. From a personal as well as a business perspective, what can be better than no stress logistics’.

Mike Davies – Operations Manager

Great little team, work well together and deliver as a unit. Stellar is the best partner we could have found, we feel important that they care about our business.

Peter Rickerby – NZ General Manager
Gunnerson Ltd

At Stellar they have the service/price balance perfect. Excellent follow up on orders and a very good internet tracking system.

Warren Wills – CEO

Good communication, they genuinely try and do the right thing and improve everything they do. They get things done when you need them and are easy to deal with.

Craig Hyland