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Contract warehousing involves a partnership between a client and supplier, giving the client access to warehouse space managed on their behalf. Contract warehousing is a great way to access storage, handling or other logistics services provided by the supplier, without needing to invest in your own warehousing space. As a distinguished mid-sized shipping and logistics company with over 22 years of excellence, we here at Stellar International take pride in how we’ve been able to help local businesses thrive with our contract warehousing and logistics services.

Our diverse clientele is a testament to our ability to cater to businesses of varying sizes, no matter what their industry. From New Plymouth to Napier/Hastings, and Invercargill to Keri Keri, our clients are scattered across New Zealand and beyond, underscoring the breadth of our service and the trust we’ve earned. Contact us now to discuss how a simple warehouse storage agreement could take your business to the next level.

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Comprehensive Contract Warehousing Solutions

Our approach is anchored in a customer-centric ethos, providing personalised solutions that align with your specific requirements. With a proven track record of contract warehousing and logistics services that work, we’re confident you’ll find our solutions are reliable and comprehensive, managed by experts with extensive industry knowledge.

Optimised Storage

Maximise your space with our tailored warehouse storage solutions, and free up room to grow.

Efficient Inventory Management

Streamline your inventory processes for enhanced efficiency with us.

Reliable Pick Accuracy

We hold ourselves to a high standard, with a pick accuracy that is always a minimum of 99%.

Cutting-edge Technology Integration

Experience the benefits of our 24/7 online portal for real-time visibility on your goods.

Cost-Effective Logistics

Enjoy cost-effective storage solutions without compromising on reliability or quality.

Tailored Warehouse Services

We offer a warehouse services agreement tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring a straightforward and effective partnership.

Responsive Customer Support

Our team is ready to address your needs with responsive and personalised support.

Seasoned Expertise

Leverage our extensive background for advice on the best way to use contract warehousing to grow your business.

Exception Management

Receive instant alerts and swift responses through our advanced exception management system.

Why Choose Stellar for Contract Warehousing?

With a rich history spanning over 22 years, we have earned the trust of our clients, positioning ourselves as reliable and seasoned partners in the realm of logistics. Our successful track record includes providing tailored warehousing and distribution agreements  to clients across diverse industries, including manufacturing, retail and technology.

The Stellar Difference

Our diverse portfolio of satisfied clients, ranging from SMEs to global corporates, is a clear sign of our ability to provide effective logistics solutions that really work. Embark on a journey with us and experience the Stellar Difference—efficiency, reliability and personalised solutions all perfectly balanced to elevate your business. 

Contact us now to explore our efficient, cost-effective, and personalised contract warehousing solutions. Choose the best—choose Stellar for a reliable and customer-focused approach to warehousing, built on a genuine care for what you do.

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Customer comments

In my experience, these guys are the best logistics’ provider I have dealt with and I have 30+ years in the business. Personable. Knowledgeable. Responsive to an unbelievable degree. Very very cost effective. From a personal as well as a business perspective, what can be better than no stress logistics’.

Mike Davies – Operations Manager

Great little team, work well together and deliver as a unit. Stellar is the best partner we could have found, we feel important that they care about our business.

Peter Rickerby – NZ General Manager
Gunnerson Ltd

At Stellar they have the service/price balance perfect. Excellent follow up on orders and a very good internet tracking system.

Warren Wills – CEO

Good communication, they genuinely try and do the right thing and improve everything they do. They get things done when you need them and are easy to deal with.

Craig Hyland