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In need of comprehensive logistics support for freight to Singapore? Look no further than Stellar International. Our end-to-end supply chain solutions are perfect for building long-term relationships, allowing you to grow your business into new markets with us as your partner. With our fully integrated 3PL warehousing services, we can ensure easy coordination and efficiency throughout the entire logistics process.

For over two decades, we’ve been a beacon of excellence in logistics across the South Pacific, catering to many different industries. Our longest-standing clients have been with us since the very beginning, and we believe that’s because we have a strong focus on building relationships based on trust. 

How we simplify shipping

With our unparalleled expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we’re a reliable choice for navigating the complexities of freight forwarding to Singapore. With over 22 years of unmatched excellence, we’ve turned shipping into a fine art, delivering tailored logistics solutions that address the specific challenges faced by different sectors. 

That means we can customise our turnkey solutions so they fit your business, and your priorities. You can rely on us to suggest the best options for you and your cargo, such as expedited air freight to Singapore, or more affordable and efficient sea freight to Singapore, ideal for larger cargo.

Our services

At Stellar International, we understand the needs of a wide range of industries, because we’re trusted by a dedicated group of business partners.
Our approach is customer-first, ensuring that every aspect of your cargo’s journey is personalised for the most seamless shipping experience possible.

Air Freight
Book air cargo to Singapore now, and get your freight delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Sea Freight
Stellar International offers a variety of sea freight options, so you’ll always find the right solution.

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If you’re ready to branch out, but lacking dedicated in-house logistics, we can help.

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We can also connect shipments from other origin countries to Singapore, but it’s best to reach out to us with the specific details of your shipment. Typically, we specialise in connecting New Zealand to Singapore and vice versa.

We also offer a comprehensive array of freight solutions such as:

  • International Freight
  • Bulk Freight
  • Door-to-door service
  • FCL, FTL, LCL and LTL
  • Same Day Delivery
  • 3PL Logistics

Shipping to the iconic Port of Singapore

Singapore, renowned for its strategic location and world-class infrastructure, boasts the second busiest port in the world, covering several container terminals and serving as a vital gateway for global trade. Stellar can ship through Singapore with ease, or deliver air cargo to Singapore via Changi Airport Cargo Terminal. Whether your cargo demands the efficiency of air transport or the cost-effectiveness of sea freight, our end-to-end solutions are tailored to meet your shipping needs across these prominent ports.

Why Choose Stellar International for Singapore Freight Forwarding?

Our turnkey systems are perfect additions to existing businesses that are ready to grow but lack their own shipping infrastructure. No matter who you are or where you’re based, we can help. Depending on seasonality, we can connect you to trade lanes specifically for cargo shipping to Singapore from NZ and vice versa.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for freight to reach Singapore?

Actual shipping times from New Zealand to Singapore vary widely. This is due to both environmental factors and traffic. For precise timing, reach out to our team directly with the details of your cargo.

What are the customs and import regulations for shipping to Singapore?

Navigating customs procedures in Singapore can be complex, but with Stellar International, it doesn’t need to be. Our experienced team is happy to advise on common customs regulations, helping you manage the smooth clearance of your shipments at border control offices.

How can I track my cargo while en route to Singapore?

With our cutting-edge logistics reporting system, tracking your cargo in real-time has never been easier. Accessible 24/7 via our online portal, you can monitor your shipment’s journey and receive timely status updates, ensuring transparency and peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

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Customer comments

In my experience, these guys are the best logistics’ provider I have dealt with and I have 30+ years in the business. Personable. Knowledgeable. Responsive to an unbelievable degree. Very very cost effective. From a personal as well as a business perspective, what can be better than no stress logistics’.

Mike Davies – Operations Manager

Great little team, work well together and deliver as a unit. Stellar is the best partner we could have found, we feel important that they care about our business.

Peter Rickerby – NZ General Manager
Gunnerson Ltd

At Stellar they have the service/price balance perfect. Excellent follow up on orders and a very good internet tracking system.

Warren Wills – CEO

Good communication, they genuinely try and do the right thing and improve everything they do. They get things done when you need them and are easy to deal with.

Craig Hyland