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Welcome to Stellar International, your new partner in specialist bulk shipments in and out of New Zealand. We don’t just aim to move your cargo—we want to move your whole business forward to where it needs to be.

If you’re looking for a partner that can ship large, non-containerised Break Bulk or RORO cargoes, look no further. We have decades of experience circumnavigating the globe, and we can transform your logistics hurdles into a competitive advantage that will give you the edge in your industry.

Bulk freight—moving colossal quantities of cargo with precision and cost-effectiveness—is one of our specialities. As one of New Zealand’s most trusted bulk cargo shipping companies, we’ve got the experience to get your cargo delivered on time, every time.
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Air Freight
Book air freight now, and get your cargo delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Sea Freight
Stellar International offers a variety of sea freight options, so you’ll always find the right solution.

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If you’re ready to branch out, but lacking dedicated in-house logistics, we can help.

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Why choose Stellar International for bulk freight?

The answer lies in our unwavering commitment to our clients, and our unique strengths:

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A trusted, long-term partner for bulk freight

Stellar International is more than just a service provider: We can offer a comprehensive, long-term solution that’s committed to helping your business grow. If you lack your own shipping and logistics structure, but you’d like to partner with a company that will build a meaningful relationship with your business, talk to us.

Frequently asked questions

What is considered a bulk shipment?

A bulk shipment is defined by its massive quantity, typically measured in tons or cubic metres. Often dry bulk freight is shipped in large packaged parcels—this can include mountains of raw materials like coal, iron ore, or grains. Bulk shipping can also include vast quantities of liquids such as oil or specific chemicals.
Bulk shipping is a world of exceptionally large scales, and it takes a specialist skill set to be able to offer it with precision and efficiency, which we’re proudly able to do

How is bulk freight different from other shipping methods?

Bulk freight transport is defined by its scale, mentioned above, and also by its remarkable cost- effectiveness. Because large amounts are shipped at once, prices are driven down by a few different factors. For instance, it’s simply easier to ship bulk uniform cargo than it is to ship many different types of cargo. If a bulk carrier doesn’t need to make as many stops, it’s going to be a cheaper trip overall.
Additionally, many of the costs of shipping such as insurance or dry dock charges don’t necessarily increase based on the size of the ship they apply to. This means the more cargo a ship can carry, the less they need to charge to offset their own costs.

How is bulk cargo loaded?

Bulk cargo is loaded into specialised vessels called bulk carriers, often poured or funnelled directly into the ship’s holds.
Break bulk cargo ships are equipped to transport various types of bulk cargo efficiently and securely, but in some cases you may want to explore FCL or FTL for your bulk shipment.
FCL (full container load) is a great way to move OOG (out of gauge) or oversized items, as there
are a range of container types that can accommodate your needs, and you may be better off with sole use of a container rather than loose bulk freight shipping.
Another way bulk cargo can be shipped is via FTL (full truckload). This gives you dedicated truck transportation for maximum efficiency and security.

How do I ship bulk cargo?

To ship bulk cargo, it’s best to partner with a reliable logistics provider like Stellar International. There are a whole range of different bulk shipping options there, and it can be hard to find the best option for you. A lot of bulk shipping needs to be negotiated between brokers and carriers, so it’s important to have an expert on your side.
By talking to us about what you’re looking for, we can use our experience and network to find the perfect solution for you easily and quickly.

What is the cheapest form of bulk transportation?

As we’ve said, bulk transportation is renowned for its cost-effectiveness. The cheapest form of bulk transportation out there depends on a few things—there won’t necessarily be one service that is always the cheapest option. For example, the type of cargo, distance, and available transportation options at the time will all have an impact.
By partnering with us as your logistics partner, Stellar International can help you choose the most cost-effective mode of bulk shipping for your goods, and keep the answer up to date with the market when it’s relevant to you, so you’re always paying the best prices possible.

Customer comments

In my experience, these guys are the best logistics’ provider I have dealt with and I have 30+ years in the business. Personable. Knowledgeable. Responsive to an unbelievable degree. Very very cost effective. From a personal as well as a business perspective, what can be better than no stress logistics’.

Mike Davies – Operations Manager

Great little team, work well together and deliver as a unit. Stellar is the best partner we could have found, we feel important that they care about our business.

Peter Rickerby – NZ General Manager
Gunnerson Ltd

At Stellar they have the service/price balance perfect. Excellent follow up on orders and a very good internet tracking system.

Warren Wills – CEO

Good communication, they genuinely try and do the right thing and improve everything they do. They get things done when you need them and are easy to deal with.

Craig Hyland