Container Specifications

Containers come in different shapes and sizes and can vary depending on the age of the container and the manufacturer. Each container has a unique identification number that allows it to be traced around the world as it travels from port to port.

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Please note these are standard dimensions and subject to slight variations. The cubic capacity is based on a full utilisation and may not be possible depending on the cargo dimensions.

The most used units, Standard containers. Used for all kinds of cargo and made from either steel or aluminium. The 40′ HC (High Cube) units are ideal for light, voluminous cargo. 1 x 40' DV (Dry Van) on one chassis shown on left.

20′ DV 40′ DV 40′ HC
Internal length 5.89 M 12.03 M 12.02 M
Internal width 2.35 M 2.35 M 2.35 M
Internal height 2.39 M 2.39 M 2.69 M
Width at door 2.34 M 2.34 M 2.34 M
Height at door 2.28 M 2.28 M 2.58 M
Tare 2237 kgs 3800 kgs 4020 kgs
Max. payload 21750 kgs 28500 kgs 28500 kgs
Capacity 33.0 cbm 67.0 cbm 75.0 cbm

Flatrack containers are used for heavy and oversized cargo, which cannot be loaded into container with fixed walls and needs loading from top or side. Can be delivered with both fixed and collapsible end walls. 40′ Flatrack shown on left.

20' FR 40' FR
Internal length between corner posts 6.034 M 11.95 M
Internal width between stanchions 2.208 M 2.208 M
Internal height 2.219 M 1.978 M
Tare 2600 kgs 5500 kgs
Max. payload 27400 kgs 39500 kgs

Open Top containers are often used for heavy machinery which requires loading by crane (from top). They are fitted with a tarpaulin (some with a Hard-top) and the door header can in most cases be removed. 40′ Open Top shown on left.

20′ OT 40′ OT
Internal length 5.89 M 12.03 M
Internal width 2.33 M 2.33 M
Internal height 2.35 M 2.65 M
Width of roof opening between gusset plates 2.35 M 2.35 M
Height at door 2.34 M 2.34 M
Tare 2337 kgs 4300 kgs
Max. payload 20436 kgs 28200 kgs
Capacity 32.0 cbm 75.10 cbm

Refrigerated containers are used when cargo requires a constant temperature during transport. Picture shows a 40' Reefer.

20′ RF 40′ RF
Internal length 5.558 M 11.582 M
Internal width 2.30 M 2.296 M
Internal height 2.324 M 2.552 M
Width at door 2.29 M 2.288 M
Height at door 2.29 M 2.49 M
Tare 2990 kgs 4260 kgs
Max. payload 21010 kgs 29900 kgs
Capacity 30.0 cbm 68.0 cbm