New Zealand berthing delays

Currently we are experiencing extreme (we kid you not) berth delays at Auckland resulting in many services diverting from Auckland altogether. This has resulted in congestion at all other NZ ports and nearly all vessels are now having to anchor at Tauranga and Napier also prior to berthing. There are large delays between ports and vessels are spending a record number of days (often weeks) in NZ waters.

Large gaps in all services remain, with some lines occasionally deploying alternate vessels to replace those whose lengthy delays have put them out of sequence.

Forward schedules remain erratic and will suffer large delays both in departure dates (as previous voyage delays are confirmed and carried forward), and subsequent berth delays in NZ (often unknown upon vessel departure).

This is having a major impact in terms of the longer-term dates given on your order status reports. Many are changing by weeks in a very short period. To illustrate the extent of the issues, following are some recent examples :

JKN service

• NYK Furano omitted Auckland and discharged cargo in Tauranga

• Navios Miami 163 spent 25 days in NZ

• Further voyages have extended transit times from China through Australia to NZ. For example – Bernhard Schulte ETD Hong Kong 10|03 – ETB Auckland 06|04 – 27 days transit time

NZS service

• Tianjin Bridge omitted Auckland and called Northport (this vessel spent 29 days in NZ)

• Shiling ETD Singapore 23|01 – ETB Auckland 01|03 – 37 days transit time (this vessel spent 21 days in NZ)

• Kota Lembah ETD Singapore 07|02 arrived in NZ waters 23|02 but did not berth in Auckland until 15|03 – 20 days off NZ coast (this vessel then spent 21 days in NZ)

• Further voyages have extended transit times from Singapore to NZ including berth delays.

 We will continue to see rotation changes, etc on this service.

CNS service

• Rotterdam Bridge 409 called Napier and Lyttelton prior to Auckland. This vessel spent 35 days in NZ (including 9 days anchored in Auckland)

• Kota Lestari 205 called Wellington and Lyttelton prior to Auckland. Vessel departed Lyttelton 16|02 but did not anchor in Auckland until 0|/03 – 19 days (this vessel spent 41 days in NZ)

• Seaspan Vancouver called Wellington, Lyttelton and Napier and then proceeded to Melbourne prior to calling Auckland. This vessel spent 40 days completing its voyage.

• Xin Zhang Zhou omitted Auckland and discharged cargo in Tauranga. Vessel will spend 18 days in NZ.

 We will continue to see rotation changes, etc on this service.

MSC are omitting Auckland for 8 weeks – contingency unknown.

ZIM are now calling at Ferguson terminal and Tauranga container terminal.

TS Lines are omitting Auckland until further notice – offering Metroport via Tauranga.

Current berth delay at Auckland is 0-22 days.

We apologise for apparent incorrect information being provided. Scheduling can change on a daily basis. We understand and acknowledge the importance of data integrity and the ramifications of incorrect data. Please be assured we are doing our very best in what has to be described as unprecedented disruption to vessel scheduling. 

As a consequence to the current environment Stellar is exploring new technology to enhance shipment visibility. Whilst there is no doubt new technology will enhance visibility please be aware it will not negate the sudden and unexpected vessel schedule changes which at times can add weeks to a vessels actual berth slot and eventual cargo availability. 

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