Auckland truck congestion Surcharge

Over the last few days we have received notice from all the main Auckland FCL trucking operators that a congestion surcharge fee will be applied to all import/export container moves within the Auckland market. 

This is due to the significant delays currently being experienced. 

Some of you may recall I expressed personal doubt as to whether we would see any benefits as to the promised improvements the introduction by both the Ports and container yards of a VBS (Vehicle Booking System). A VBS system necessitates that a vehicle must secure a booking time to pick up full and return empty containers. The market was told by introducing such systems would among other items improve truck turn around time (no queues) as well fund better environments (sealed yards). 

It is frustrating to say the least that the promised benefits have yet to materialise. In fairness the current environment has exacerbated the problem – vessel bunching and the shipping lines inability to reduce empty container park stock have certainly not helped.

Previously on average a truck could work 8 to 10 containers within a 12 hour shift. Presently only 4 to 5 containers are being achieved. 

Consequently a congestion charge is being introduced. We are sorry to advise but Stellar International will have to pass this cost on. Please be assured Stellar will be on billing this cost  at cost zero profit. 

Indicated fee’s range from NZD 85.00 to NZD 95.00 per container move irrespective of container size.

Please do not hesitate to be in contact should you wish to discuss this or any other industry issue.

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