Shanghai Airport (Pudong) experiences a COVID outbreak

Please be advised that there has been a recent COVID-19 outbreak at Pudong International Airport.

This has resulted in a series of protocols being implemented to prevent further transmission. As part of this effort, airport terminals and ground handling agents have strict isolation requirements that have dramatically impacted the efficiency of unloading/loading of aircraft. This has resulted in a large number of flight cancellations. It is my understanding there are several flights on the ground now pending further instruction if they may proceed unloading/loading their payloads.

In response, many airlines have announced suspension of flights until further notice. 

The Stellar team are closely watching current developments and will be in contact should you have a shipment(s) impacted. If you have pending airfreight orders yet to be placed please be in contact with your Stellar representative to discuss options.

Presently this situation is contained only to effect airfreight.

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