Alarming rollover rates reflect congestion levels

Global container shipping pressures can be seen reflected in recently released rollover statistics.

“Rollovers” is an industry term referring the number of containers missing their bookings either at origin (Port of Loading) or the transhipment port enroute to final destination.

In April 2021 it has been reported that on average four of every ten containers (39%) missed their expected bookings. This statistic is an average across the market as a whole.

In regard individual performances – CMA-CGM showed the highest proportion of rolled containers with 56% of shipments compared with 49% month prior. ANL saw 54% of containers rolled – a 30% year on year increase.

MSC and Maersk were the best performers, with 28% and 34% containers rolled respectively.

Some other examples.

Evergreen           47%
Cosco                    44%
Hapag Lloyd        51%
ONE Line              53%

Transhipment port rollovers have reached worrying levels. This is most concerning for NZ importers / exporters as predominantly NZ cargo is routed through a transhipment port enroute to final destination. In Port Klang, Malaysia rollover rates increased to 64%, in other words nearly two of every three containers handled missed their intended sailing.

Cosco’s Europe hub port (Piraeus, Greece) saw 59% of containers rolled and Rotterdam, 54%. It was noted that this is likely to be partly the effect of the week long Suez Canal incident.

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