Suez Canal crises

You will no doubt be aware of the recent Suez Canal incident whereby a container ship due to high winds and poor visibility hit and became lodged within the Suez Canal blocking the canal to all traffic between Asia, South Pacific and Europe.

The vessel has now been freed and is currently enroute to Great Bitter Lake.  My understanding is that because the canal was blocked for 6 days the transits of approximately 360 other vessels have been impacted.

We expect shipping lines to release updated sailing schedules over the coming days. Once the schedules are released, we will update those ETA’s for shipments affected.

The first southbound convoy has 48 vessels and the following northbound convoy 25 vessels.

It needs to be recognised that the impact of such an event will ripple throughout the world’s supply chains. European ports for example will no doubt suffer high congestion. Vessel sailing schedules will be impacted. I would expect in effort to return to schedule, ship lines will omit calling certain ports.  Also, ships will no doubt arrive into a port “out of window” and in close proximity to one another (48 ships is a large convoy!) thus overloading the Port’s in an operational perspective.

All this will play out overtime.

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