Delays on northbound rail Tauranga to Auckland Metroport

Unfortunately there have been continued delays on northbound rail to Metroport, as originally forecast by Port of Tauranga early last month, as a result of scheduling changes. Recent delays have also been compounded as a result of vessels arriving off window and coinciding with other scheduled arrivals, creating a backlog of containers.

The Port has estimated delivery profiles of approximately 7 – 10 days for priority containers, and approximately 2 weeks for non-priority containers. The situation is fluid due to a number of contributing factors, so please bear in mind that there will be instances where containers arrive earlier or later, but this is the best estimate that they can offer at the time of sending the notification.

Whilst the delays are anticipated to continue for the next couple of weeks, on a positive note, there is expected to be steady improvement as additional rail capacity comes into play towards the end of this month which will assist to clear the backlog, with further capacity to be added mid-April which should markedly reduce delays and improve the overall delivery profile.

Until then, some delays are expected but we will continue to work closely with the Port and you our customer to minimise the impact.

Should you have any concerns please do be in contact with your Stellar representative in order to discuss possible actions. 

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