Global Administration

What is Global Administration?

Global Administration provides a New Zealand distribution and administration solution for international clients seeking to be active in the New Zealand market.

Global is specifically designed for international clients who may not have (or want!) a formal presence in New Zealand but are seeking to import and distribute product to New Zealand customers.

Global will look after all matters relating to the importation, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution of products throughout New Zealand through a direct connection with Stellar International Limited.

Global takes care of all administration in relation to client activities in New Zealand including all paperwork required to import goods, pay New Zealand GST, invoice clients and collect all monies due.

Global maintains a close relationship with our international clients and reports back on a regular basis.

Global is an ideal solution for companies that do not have a New Zealand presence but are seeking to sell into the New Zealand market. By using Global, clients are able to ensure that import costs are kept to a minimum and that all GST and other accounting issues are dealt with in a timely and cost effective manner.

Global is also especially relevant where an international client may be faced with the need to set up a New Zealand operation to ensure cost effectiveness in relation to GST and distribution matters.  By  using Global there is no need for an international company to have a New Zealand registered business activity thereby avoiding the need for New Zealand Company accounting fees, income taxes, GST and audit fees.

Global provides an excellent solution for any international client wishing to become active in the New Zealand market.

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